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A desk can really be the piece of your room that you are missing. Whether you’re looking for something for your office, study, living room, or bedroom, a great desk can be just what you’re looking for. When you place a desk in an office or bedroom, oftentimes it is featured in a central location so that you can easily work at it. Why wouldn’t you pick something that is classy and elegant.

Nothing says elegant quite as well as a piece of antique pine furniture. Pine is often the wood of choice for antique furniture because it was widely available and incredibly reliable. Pine trees grow faster than many other kinds of softwoods, so they create great, sustainable furniture. Pine tree lumber also comes in a great many grains and colors, so you can almost always find something that you like.

The desks that we cover range from very old desks produced centuries ago to desks that were only discovered after the fall of the Berlin Wall. Desks come in many different shapes and forms. You can find antique pine desks built for an office or ones built for a bedroom. The many different types of desks indicate their features as well as when they were created. European pine is some of the most sought after on the antiques market. Buying from eBay or some other online seller is one of the most popular ways to find these, but you must beware of what you’re buying. If you can’t inspect something yourself, you have to be very careful, since you can’t know for sure its condition.